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Our advance panographic machine
Digital x-rays:
Our digital x-rays offer superior quality with considerably less radiation than film type x-rays.  Our HD Panoramic system often eliminates uncomfortable and time consuming smaller x-rays.
Veraview IC5 HD offers high speed, exceptional clarity, and low dosage of radiation. The new 10 second panoramic scan captures a higher resolution image with a 25% reduction in pixel size at just 1/6* effective dose. Additionally, it features a 5.5 second panoramic for a quick examination.
Digital Direct Auto Exposure (DDAE) and Auto Image Enhancer (AIE) fine tune the imaging process for the best possible quality. DDAE automatically sets kV and mA (power) and provides continuous, real-time adjustment of the parameters throughout the pass to compensate for varying densities. AIE, a software function, regulates the brightness level of detailed areas in the scan. These programs perform a logarithmic conversion to produce images of exceptional clarity and detail. 
If we do need to take closer x-rays, we use the Shick Elite sensor.  This provides exceptional quality, allowing more precise treatment planing.  You typically get more radiation from walking to your car than with our x-rays.
example of a panograph
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Panoramic image taken with Morita Veraviewepocs 3D E & Mediadent imaging software
Our Digital Sensor X-ray Unit:
Our Schick CDR Elite digital sensor is second to none.  It allows for comfort,  yet provides superior imaging to ensure the most accurate x-ray possible to date.   Having accurate radiographs allows Dr. Rae to make the best possible assessment of a tooth's needs.  This makes for less surprises or changes during treatment.
Evidence Based Treatment Planning:
Advanced imaging, such as digital x-rays and intra-oral photos, combined with adjustable monitor arms visible to the patient make for a more clear diagnosis.  This also allows for clear visualization of any issues present.  Dr. Rae feels that the people of DeLand and surrounding areas must be well informed before proceeding with any treatment.  Our dental software organizes a patients entire file, making information attainment more efficient.   In addition, chair-side video monitors makes viewing of x-rays a snap.  This allows for a clear understanding of why a treatment is needed.
photo of our operatory. note the screen used to help explain need for treament
Enhanced Comfort:
We use a powerful local anesthetic, which allows for less volume and increased potency.   In addition, a small needle is used with a warmer for the actual liquid to reach consistency with body temperature.
All new equipment allows for implementation of the newest techniques, which typically reduce visit time and even can reduce the quantity of visits.  Quality is also increased by more precise detection and 
superior strength of materials.
Our laser, by AMD Lasers, makes detection of margins and bleeding control very easy.  It also kills unwanted bacteria, as opposed to pushing small mesh cord into the space. The cord can actually cause the bacteria to travel deeper into the gum area.
movie glasses to help time pass
*We also offer movie glasses with ear pieces for longer procedures, allowing time to pass more quickly and reducing drill noise.  Several movie selections are available!
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